Timely Substance Abuse Treatment Saves the Lives of You and Your Family

Timely Substance Abuse Treatment Saves the Lives of You and Your Family

Are you using drugs or a combination of substances, such as cocaine, methamphetamines, bath salts, morphine or even just alcohol? Do you suffer symptoms such as nausea, hallucinations, hand tremors, and convulsions every time you try and stop using these harmful substances? Or are you taking these substances to stop your symptoms? If you recognize any or all of these things in yourself, you need to seek help immediately by enrolling in a substance abuse treatment program or a drug detox/drug rehabilitation program.

These are signs that you are suffering from withdrawal, which is the body’s attempt to adjust to a state in which a dependent substance is not present anymore. For some people withdrawal symptoms can be very mild, but for others it can be very severe – even deadly. There are people who have died from single withdrawal episodes.

Also, because withdrawal is so uncomfortable, it pushes people to find ways to relieve that discomfort. If the substance of choice is not available, they can turn violent and lash out at friends or family members in an attempt to obtain that substance at any cost. Such altercations sometimes can even be fatal.

Admit You Have a Problem

Once you recognize this as a problem you should enroll yourself in a detoxification program immediately. The detox program will help you go through the very jarring withdrawal process in preparation for recovery. Our drug rehabilitation center offers detox programs where we provide fully trained and qualified personnel who will assess your situation and draw up a plan for your care. If need be, we will also provide you with medications to ease the process. After which we can begin preparation for your rehabilitation.

We Can Help

Our drug rehab in West Palm Beach offers excellent detox services. Our personnel will carefully monitor you as you go through the process, and are highly qualified at life preservation if withdrawal progresses that far. Our substance abuse treatment programs are comprised of medical doctors who will ensure that your treatment does not push your body beyond what it can handle, hence making your recovery swift.

Substance dependency not only affects the individual, but it can also affect your loved ones. This is the primary reason why our Florida drug rehab center provides not only individual therapy, but also offers substance abuse group therapy and family therapy. Through these modalities, family and loved ones can provide support for the individual caught in the jaws of addiction and can come to an understanding of their circumstances. An individual without a support system is bound to relapse into addiction very rapidly, but with their loved ones as an anchor it has been proven to aid in recovery and lower the rates of relapse.

The Importance of Family Support

For the individual, family therapy provides a chance to make amends to those closest to him/her. It allows them to rebuild relationships, tackle family issues head on and provides accountability. Making amends is also part of the 12 step recovery program, and this is an excellent way to start off on the journey to a full recovery.

As drug addiction can have deadly consequences, not just on the individual but to those around him/her, it is imperative that timely help and a solid substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program be sought. Contact Wellness Center of Palm Beach today.

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