Help is Here

It’s vital for anyone struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol to remember this: no matter what your circumstances, there is always help available.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

The first step to recovery is to cleanse one’s body of the toxins that infect it. Drug and alcohol detox allows individuals to rid their bodies of the substances they have been abusing, and get on with their recovery. Without detox, the connection with mind, body and spirit is fragmented, and it is impossible to start the recovery phase. Drug and alcohol detox is an active process that helps remove the toxins and addictive substances from the person’s body. Some of the symptoms of drug and alcohol detox can be dangerous. Getting rid of the toxins in one’s body may cause side effects that are mild or of short duration. Other symptoms are more painful and last longer. Effective alcohol and drug detox takes from 2-14 days. At Wellness Center of Palm Beach our certified drug and alcohol detox program will help clients through the symptoms of withdrawal.

Detox can be dangerous if attempted alone. At Wellness Center of Palm Beach we understand drug_and_alcohol_detox_650_390the importance for anyone in need of a drug detox program to be fully assessed beforehand, and to be monitored by medical professionals when necessary. Through medical and supportive care, our specialized detox staff will help patients through the uncomfortable physical and emotional symptoms of detox safely. Our certified detox program will also make sure that the client is associated mental health problems that they have under control.  Going through a drug or alcohol detox program safely means having professional support. The staff of Wellness Center of Palm Beach is here to guide and help clients as they come through detox, and as they begin their next steps to recovery.