Knowledge is Empowering

Our daily education groups will equip you with knowledge of addiction, recovery and lifelong strategies for sober living.

Daily Education Groups for Addiction

At Wellness Center of Palm Beach our daily education groups for addictiondaily_education_groups_for_addiction are not only informative, but also empowering.  We will equip clients with knowledge of addiction, recovery and lifelong strategies for a sober living. In these groups, topics related to grief and loss, the challenges facing adult children of alcoholics and the fundamentals of living according to the principles of 12-step programs will be explored.

Among the many things individuals will learn at Wellness Center of Palm Beach we will also educate our clients on how chemical dependency undermines personal relationships.  We will show them how to rebuild a sense of trust with those individuals who are closest to them.  Our clients learn how to accept responsibility for the consequences of your substance abuse.  Individuals will be guided to deal with the most common negative consequences of addiction, including the disruption of family and social life, medical and legal problems, loss of employment, impaired concentration, depression and anxiety.  We will also show our clients how to stay sober.  Learning how to be happy and healthy without the use of substances means clients will need to be aware of experiences and situations that can trigger cravings for alcohol or drugs. Not to mention, learn how to avoid relapsing, or abusing again.