Don’t Face Your Addiction Alone

We offer a variety of treatment options and therapies for substance abuse to ensure a safe way to recovery.

Group Therapy for Addiction

group-therapy-for-addictionWellness Center of Palm Beach offers group therapy for addiction where the individual will meet with a small group of peers in treatment. Led by our therapists, the group will explore the challenges that they and others who have been chemically dependent face in life. By talking and working with one another, we help to build a sense of trust within the groups. Some discussions will focus on special themes such as grief, loss, anger and blaming others. At other times, discussions will address concerns and questions raised by those in the group. At all times, the group therapist will be engaged to ensure that the discussion remains constructive. The group is a safe place to discuss feelings, fears and frustrations.  Every individual in group therapy for addiction understands the tragedies and burdens of addiction and has made the personal decision to change.