Alcohol Detox Q & A

Alcohol Detox Q & A

If you are considering enrolling in an alcohol detox program, here are some of the answers to questions you might be thinking about:

1. What is Detox?
The first step in recovery from alcohol addiction is detoxification. Detox is the process in which the body gets rid of the toxins it has acquired as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. A crucial component in this vital process is withdrawal, which is your mind and body readjusting to your cessation of alcohol in your system. Due to the possible side effects of this process our alcohol detox program at Wellness Center of Palm Beach provides the necessary personnel and medications to ease the transition.

2. What Are the Steps You Need to Undergo During Detox?
There are three phases to detox:

  • In the first phase our medical doctors, nurses and trained professionals assess the individual to identify the toxins and substances in their body, as well as evaluate any co-existing illness or dual diagnosis.
  • The second phase is the actual process. Our personnel guide the individual through this sometimes painful process, and give the necessary medications to aid the patient through this transition.
  • The third phase involves leading the patient into recovery, by detailing the relapse prevention and substance abuse case management process, and why it is necessary.

3. Do I Really Need Detox?
YES. Opting to go cold turkey is just not possible once you are heavily dependent on alcohol or any other substance. Addiction suppresses your will and you will eventually fall back into old habits. We offer an excellent detox program in our alcohol rehabilitation center in West Palm Beach, as proper preparation for your complete recovery.

4. Can I Skip Rehabilitation Once I Am Done with Detox?
No you cannot. Detoxification simply rids your body of the toxins accumulated from a period of excessive alcohol intake. The process of weaning yourself off a substance is long, and it requires a significant amount of time in therapy and in a safe, healthy environment. We have state of the art facilities in our Palm Beach addiction recovery center to aid in this process.

5. How Long Will Detox Take?
Recovery from alcohol dependence is not a cookie-cutter process, what works for one individual may not necessarily work for another. With this understanding we tailor the length of detox to each individuals’ needs, taking into account the amount of alcohol regularly consumed, the duration of alcohol dependency, the concomitant use of other addictive substances with alcohol, the individual’s psychosocial status, age and any psychiatric or medical illness.

Are The Methods of Alcohol Detox at Wellness Center of Palm Beach Scientifically Sound?
Our addiction recovery center in Palm Beach Florida has licensed and certified counselors and medical professionals who are capable of taking the recovering individual through the modalities available.

7. Will I Experience Any Side Effects?
Different people have different detoxification experiences. Some have few and mild symptoms during the withdrawal process, whereas others have very severe symptoms. This is why our South Florida addiction recovery center has a team of highly trained counselors, psychiatrists and medical doctors to see you through this very crucial process. We have available medications that lessen the symptomatology and reduce the chances of catastrophic events.

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